Mey Selections Beef uncooked

Mey Selections Beef by ABP

Mey Selections Scotch PGI Beef.

Mey Selections Beef comes from the North Highlands of Scotland which has a long tradition of producing the highest quality meat, taken from beef breeds as opposed to dairy breeds. The herds tend to have cows that come fromĀ  hardy traditional breeds that are well adapted to being outdoors most of the year whilst the bulls used can be a mix of traditional breeds such as Aberdeen Angus or Continental such as Limousin.

All cattle are traceable to family farms and crofts, ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare where farmers have daily contact with their livestock. All farms are Quality Assured under the ISO Accredited Quality Meat Scotland scheme. The cattle are predominately grass fed in unspoilt, sparsely populated locations with the stunning backdrop of crystal clear lochs, highland glens and rugged mountains. Finishing rations for the young stock often include by-products from the local Whisky distilling industry as well as conserved grass and grains grown on farm.

Our British Retail Consortium approved dedicated hanging, chill and cutting facility ensures Mey Selections beef is given extra flavour through the skilful processing techniques of dry-ageing and slow chilling during early maturation.

The Sirloin, Rump and Rib eye are all dry aged /matured on the bone for fourteen days before being prepared and vacuum packed.

The Fillet is not dry aged on the bone as it gets taken out after 2-5 days and then vacuum packed. As the Fillet is such a tender cut already it does not require the maturation and, if you do mature the fillet, the surface can get quite dry without the fat cover of the sirloin/ribeye and rump.


  • Striploin -Centre Cut
  • Fillet -chain off
  • D cut Rump
  • Rib eye
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